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My unique approach involves a detailed planning and design consultation. In the design consultation we will discuss your needs and desires as well as any concerns you may have. Some of the topics we will discuss and make decisions on are: clothing, location, who will be in the portrait and when will the portraits be created. Below are some of ideas to get you started. The more prepared we are for the session the more relaxed and genuine you will be. It will allow you to enjoy the process and the results will be wonderful portraits.


One of the first questions people ask is what should I wear?

This comprehensive colour guide and clothing samples will be a great start to your portrait session.



Should we do pictures outside or in the studio?

Environmental Portraits are taken on location. Environmental portraits can refer to family portraits, individual portraits or corporate portraits. They are portraits in the environment where people live, work or play. For family portraits I find out what you like to do as a family and develop location ideas based on that. For some it may be an outdoor skating rink, enjoying smores around the campfire or a favourite park where they walk the dog. Environmental portraits can be high key or low key.

Traditional portraits are created in the studio with either window light or studio lights. The ability to control the lighting allows for creativity. Traditional portraits

Some photos are really bright and others are darker which should we pick?

A high-key portrait is light, airy and has little to no contrast. High key is intentionally bright and has few shadows. High Key is a great technique for family portraits as it draws the viewers attention directly to the faces of the subjects.

A low key portrait is the opposite of high key and features lots of shadows in the portraits. The bright part of the image is the face and really draws the viewer of the portrait to the emotion of the eyes. It also hides much of the body


I think it is nice to know a little bit about the people I am considering working with so I have enclosed some details about myself so you will know a little more about me.

My love of photography started when I was just a youngster. I still have some of the photos that I took with my Kodak disc camera in the mid-1970s.Photos have always held a special place in my life. In the late 1980s I sent the firemen into my burning home to save the more important thing I had at the time… my photos

Over the years, I have always appreciated how photos are an instant link to our memories. I see a photo and I can remember everything about that moment in time. Most of our special moments are gone in an instant and I am so grateful that photos have given my clients and myself the ability to remember and share with others for years to come.

In 2007, my husband Rick gave me a new digital SLR camera and has since supported my passion for photography. I now have 2 high-end digital SLR cameras, 5 lenses, and a full 550 square-foot photo studio.I love my job and my dedication if evident in every session I have with my clients.

A little bit about me

Full time professional photographer

2003-2010 Athabasca University- Business

2009-2010 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology- Photography

Favorite slogan- Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite food- lasagna

Favorite band- Blue Rodeo

Favorite old movie- The Outsiders

Favorite new movie- Notebook

Favorite things to do in my spare time- hang out with my family, travel and reading